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What is WordMom?

WordMom is a web based English word service which is designed to find different word types in different patterns such as Verbs that start with, Verbs that end with, Nouns that start with etc. Currently on wordmom there are more than 200,000 words in 8 different word categories and 6 sub word categories. Wordmom is a completely free service and it is freely available for public use. Main word categories in WordMom include Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Interjections etc. Sub word categories include Irregular Verbs, Regular Verbs, Verbal nouns etc.

How to use wordmom?

Wordmom is designed in a way even a small kid with basic English knowledge can use the website easily without help from a parent. For example, if you need to see all the verbs in English language that start with letter A you can find those through the simple search sections available on the home page or on the top of the result pages.

For this example, you just need to select the Show me to Verbs and then the that to Start with. Finally, the letter you need your verbs to start with should be entered into the letter/s field. For this example, it is the letter A. As an optional feature you can select the length of the verb if you require each of the words in your verb list to be in same length. Once all required options are selected the Search button will appear. Click on Search to see all the Verbs that start with letter A. Yes, it’s that simple!

All WordMom lists are printer friendly so you can print them whenever you feel to keep a list with you as a hard copy. Thanks to the search in the list feature you can create a sub lit of most wanted pattern from the bulk search result and save your ink and papers.

Who uses the WordMom?

Wordmom services are popular among many English language users in different stages from all around the world. Here are some of the wordmom user groups and the reasons why they use the WordMom.

English language learners

For most elementary level English language learners, vocabulary is the section of the language they find difficult to master at the beginning. But with the right word sources they can easily expand their vocabulary and be fluent English speakers. Here in WordMom we have verified English words that can be helpful in a language learner’s way to master the language.

College / University students

Regardless of the age or the grade English words are always useful for students. A college student may be looking to enhance their vocabulary with new words and WordMom can help them by suggesting new words that they probably even never heard of. A university student may work on a linguistic research and seeking massive amounts of data related to words to analyze for his research. Wordmom is here to help both college and university students with the word lists they need to succeed their studies.

Teachers / Professors / Linguist

Language experts have a very high vocabulary which they expanded over the time, but the chances are they may also not know many words from the language. Language experts can use the WordMom word finder to find words to expand their vocabulary level further. Sometimes an English teacher may be preparing questions for an exam paper for his or her students and seek special and rare words to push the limits of their students. Our databases contain very simple to highly complex words even you may never have heard of.


Writers use WordMom to find new words to improve the quality of their writings. By using new and beautiful words writers can improve the experience that their readers get. Wordmom has thousands of such words for writers to select to fit their requirements.

Name finders

As English language users, we all need to find words time to time for various requirements. Wordmom is used by people who seek to make new names for their business, domain, etc. For example, if some entrepreneur seeking a beautiful name for her flower business which should start with her favorite letter/s. You can search our massive flower names database to find a unique and attractive word to use as your business name or to use it as a part of your business name.

Word game players

Word games such as Scrabble & Words with Friends are popular among people in all ages, but sometimes recalling words that require to beat the opponent in that last moment is not something easy. With wordmom’s easy to use search options even a little kid can explore new words to use on their next word game battle.