Fishes that end with R

Are you looking for fishes that end with r? Then, the following list of over over 95 fishes is for you. All these fishes ending with r are verified using recognized sources for their authenticity before being published.

Finding fishes that end with letter R, from a single web page can be a difficult task. But that is not a valid statement anymore!. We have undertaken the difficult task and created the following list of over 95 fishes that end with letter R. You can now select the most convenient ones for your project easily from If you are interested in keeping a printed copy of this fishes that's completely possible thanks to the printer friendliness of wordmom lists. is popular among all kinds of English language users including College & University students, Teachers, Writers and Word game players. We are happy to know your story of how this list of fishes from helped you as a comment at the bottom of this page and also if you know any other 'fishes that end with letter R' other than mentioned in the below list, please let us know.

Fishes that start with a and end with r

  • algae eater
  • alligator gar
  • angler
  • arctic char

Fishes that start with b and end with r

  • bichir
  • black swallower

Fishes that start with c and end with r

  • carpsucker
  • char
  • chubsucker
  • cobbler
  • croaker

Fishes that start with d and end with r

  • daggertooth pike conger
  • darter
  • dusky grouper

Fishes that start with e and end with r

  • elver
  • emperor
  • escolar
  • european flounder

Fishes that start with f and end with r

  • fierasfer
  • flier
  • flounder
  • forehead brooder

Fishes that start with g and end with r

  • gag grouper
  • gar
  • golden shiner
  • graveldiver
  • green spotted puffer
  • grenadier
  • grouper
  • grunter
  • gulper

Fishes that start with h and end with r

  • halosaur
  • harelip sucker
  • hog sucker
  • hussar

Fishes that start with l and end with r

  • lefteye flounder
  • livebearer
  • longfin escolar
  • longjaw mudsucker
  • longnose sucker
  • lost river sucker
  • louvar
  • lumpsucker

Fishes that start with m and end with r

  • mahseer
  • modoc sucker
  • mouthbrooder
  • mudskipper
  • mudsucker

Fishes that start with n and end with r

  • north american darter
  • northern stargazer

Fishes that start with o and end with r

  • olive flounder
  • oscar

Fishes that start with p and end with r

  • peacock flounder
  • pelican gulper
  • pike conger
  • poacher

Fishes that start with r and end with r

  • razorback sucker
  • red grouper
  • red snapper
  • redhorse sucker
  • righteye flounder

Fishes that start with s and end with r

  • sand diver
  • sand stargazer
  • sand tiger
  • sandburrower
  • sandroller
  • sauger
  • sergeant major
  • sharksucker
  • sharpnose puffer
  • shiner
  • shortnose sucker
  • silver dollar
  • sleeper
  • snapper
  • south american darter
  • southern flounder
  • squeaker
  • stargazer
  • starry flounder
  • sucker
  • summer flounder
  • swallower
  • sweeper

Fishes that start with t and end with r

  • tailor
  • tenpounder
  • trumpeter
  • tubeshoulder

Fishes that start with v and end with r

  • vermillion snapper

Fishes that start with w and end with r

  • warty angler
  • weever
  • white croaker

Fishes that start with y and end with r

  • yellow weaver
  • yellowedge grouper
  • yellowfin croaker
  • yellowfin grouper
  • yellowtail snapper

Fishes that start with z and end with r

  • zander

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