Verbs that start with AP

Are you looking for verbs that start with ap? Then, the following list of over over 55 verbs is for you. All these verbs starting with ap are validated using recognized English dictionaries.

Verbs are the most important word class in the English language therefore, a verb is considered as the kings in the English language. Verbs are used to describe what a subject does or is. Verbs can be categorized as transitive, intransitive, regular, irregular etc. Wordmom has rich word lists for many of those verb types. We hope that with this list of verbs that start with ap, you will do amazing things :). is popular among all kinds of English language users including College & University students, Teachers, Writers and Word game players. We are happy to know your story of how this list of verbs from helped you as a comment at the bottom of this page and also if you know any other 'verbs that start with letter AP' other than mentioned in the below list, please let us know.

Verbs that start with apa

  • apair

Verbs that start with ape

  • ape

Verbs that start with aph

  • aphetize
  • aphorize

Verbs that start with apo

  • apocopate
  • apologize
  • apology
  • apostate
  • apostatize
  • apostemate
  • apostrophize
  • apothegmatize
  • apotheosize

Verbs that start with app

  • appair
  • appall
  • apparaillyng
  • apparel
  • appay
  • appeach
  • appeal
  • appear
  • appease
  • append
  • appendant
  • appendicate
  • apperceive
  • appertain
  • appete
  • appetize
  • applaud
  • apple
  • applicate
  • applot
  • apply
  • appoint
  • appointee
  • apportion
  • appose
  • appraise
  • appreciate
  • apprehend
  • apprentice
  • apprise
  • apprize
  • approach
  • approbate
  • appromt
  • appropinquate
  • appropre
  • appropriate
  • approve
  • approver
  • approximate

Verbs that start with apr

  • apricate

Verbs that start with apt

  • apt
  • aptate